the dream

The Continuing the Dream campaign was launched in November 2018, but the dream has been vital at Midway since it's beginning. God placed it upon the hearts of many to pursue a place where the exaltation of Christ was the foundation. With the passing of time, Midway has seen several major building expansions, fabrications, and renovations all with the idea of continuing the dream.

Midway Today

In our current campaign, we have renovated several different areas of our campus including the Education Building, kid/ adult classrooms, nursery, glass atrium, playground, and Family Life Center. We believe that this is necessary to pursue excellence for the Lord, and to minister effectively. Below are the explanations of each area effected by

Continuing the Dream.

Continuing the Dream Campaign

  • Nursery

    The nursery lights have already been replaced and we plan to paint the area making it feel more modern. Kid check systems have already been installed and integrated during services. Child safety is of the utmost importance to us.

  • Education Building

    We have already begun to renovate the Education Building. We have replaced all overhead lights with LED low-profile lights, painted all the classrooms, and painted the downstairs hallway. 

  • playground

    Not only do we want a safe space for all children, we also want Midway to be a fun space. We have build a beach volleyball court where the old playground was, and have build a new playground on the side of the education building.

  • Atrium

    The atrium is one of two major welcome centers on campus. Due to the high volume of traffic in this area, our plans include expanding the area several feet, painting and replacing lights, putting in a welcome center desk, and areas of seating. 

  • Family Life Center

    The Family Life Center is a multi-functional facility that we use for worship, special events, and more. We have renovated all the gym lights with dimmable LEDs, changed the stage lights to color-changing movable LED lights, upgraded our sound system with new speakers, subwoofers, mics, projectors, and recording and livestream capabilities. 

God's Faithfulness at Midway

We have felt the call from God to move in this direction. We launched the campaign and invited the members of Midway to pledge above their tithe to see the dream come to fruition. The response was overwhelming but not surprising. Not only have we bought into the dream, but so have our people. We long to see a place that will continue to be a light in our community. We have seen an upfront cash offering of over $116,000 and an addition pledge of over $350,000 over the next three years. This page has been created to encourage those who have given and pledged, but also to inform new comers about the dream and invite them to be a part. If you would like to be a part of what God is doing here at Midway, simply call the office to pledge, or click the link to give. We are excited for the future and for the dream to continue.